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10 Bookmarked Articles for the Medical Device Industry

Do you also hate it when you scroll online for an article that looks really useful, but then can’t find it when you need it most? We also hate it. That’s why we’ve put together this list of: MD+DI articles for professionals in the medical device industry to bookmark for future reference on product development, manufacturing and regulation.

Expected life of medical devices at a glance

A leading Medtronic engineer shares his regulatory knowledge related to the life expectancy of medical devices.

De-risk your medical device project with targeted prototypes and mock-ups

Effective prototyping can significantly reduce time to market and overall development costs.

Designing medical devices for manufacturability: how to do it and why you should do it?

Practical advice from three experts from the medical device sector on how manufacturability is central to the design process.

Is 3D printing right for your medical device project?

3D printing is on track to move beyond prototyping to end-use parts and mass production, but the economics still don’t add up for every project.

Medtech incubators and accelerators: where are the hubs for innovation in medical devices?

A comprehensive guide to US-based incubators and accelerators for the medical device industry.

Sterilization of Medical Devices: 4 Alternatives to Using Ethylene Oxide

Why ethylene oxide (EO) is used to sterilize medical devices, plus four alternative sterilization methods to consider.

The future of gamma radiation for medical device sterilization

Everything you need to know about the role that gamma radiation plays in the sterilization of medical devices.

Medical Device Design: 3 Practical Tips for Great UI and User Experience

Kablooe Design experts share best practices for great user interface and user experience (UX/UI) in medical device design.

Understanding legal expectations for combination products

WuXi AppTec Medical Device Testing experts answer a few questions about submitting combination products for regulatory approval.

UKCA compliance: what you need to know and implement by June 2023

Stay abreast of these regulatory developments to continue marketing medical devices in the UK.

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