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Apple Announces New Fitness Plus Features

Apple just announced some new features for its Fitness Plus subscription service, which are intended to make your morning run more enjoyable. Time to Run is just an example and it gives you the option to run in a different city each week. Yeah, sort of.

The program starts with three cities: London, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. You will receive an audio guide with tips and you will also receive matching photos and music.

Apple Announces New Fitness Plus Features

Apple is also offering new entries to its Artist Spotlight, giving you a wider choice of music to guide you through your workout. New content has also been added to the Time to Walk feature – technically a third season of podcasts and audio sessions.

Collections is a new mode that involves a group of people with the same goal. The first activities offered in Collections are 30-day core challenge, improving your posture with Pilates, perfecting your yoga balance poses, running your first 5K, strengthening your back, stretching your hips and relaxing for a better bedtime.

All new content is available today for $10 a month or you can choose an annual subscription for $80. You’ll need an Apple Watch, of course.


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