CES 2022 organizers urge in-person events to continue even as more exhibitors withdraw - Gadgets Price
CES 2022 organizers urge in-person events to continue even as more exhibitors withdraw

The pace of companies announcing to forgo the personal parts of CES 2022 has only accelerated in the past 24 hours, with major companies such as Intel and Google announcing their decisions Thursday afternoon. Despite a growing list of cancellations involving exhibitors, advertisers, and most tech media organizations we can name (including Gadgets Price), the Consumer Technology Association hosting the event says it will continue with in-person events.

In a thread of tweets posted Thursday night, the @CES account said: “Our focus remains on bringing the tech industry together and giving those who can’t attend in person the opportunity to experience the magic of CES digitally.”

While many of the companies announcing changes to their plans cited health concerns and the unknown implications of the ommicron variant of COVID-19, the organizers posted a statement from a CEO and MD to justify their decision to proceed. They said, “…we are confident that attendees and exhibitors can have a socially distancing yet worthwhile and productive event in Las Vegas, or while experiencing it online.” Precautions announced earlier included the required vaccination certificate, masks and free rapid tests.

The list of exhibitors who have announced plans to skip the show entirely or limit availability on Thursdays alone includes:

  • Intel
  • google
  • Lenovo
  • Hisense (cancelled press conference but will have a reboot)
  • waymo

On Wednesday, the CTA said in a statement that it had received 42 cancellations from exhibitors. It’s unclear if any of these names were part of that count, but today’s announcements remove three of the eight companies listed as prominent exhibitors on the event’s main page. A list of the most notable companies still queuing for in-person screenings includes Samsung, Sony, and LG.

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