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Medtronic Hugo Robot gets green light in Canada

Medtronic reached a major milestone in surgical robotics last month when it received CE Marking for its Hugo robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) system. Now, the company’s Canadian subsidiary has received a Health Canada license for the Medtronic Hugo RAS System for use in urologic and gynecological laparoscopic surgical procedures, which make up about half of all robotic procedures performed today.

During Medtronic’s second quarter 2022 earnings call in November, CEO Geoff Martha revealed that the company encountered some supply chain issues and some initial manufacturing issues during the limited release phase of the robotics platform, meaning Hugo’s fiscal year earnings below will come out target. Martha said the company is focused on solving those problems and ensuring that initial surgeon experiences with the technology are positive. It’s not clear from Tuesday’s press release whether the same manufacturing and delivery issues will affect the commercial launch of the Hugo RAS system in Canada. However, Martha emphasized at the time of the earnings call that these issues meant the wider commercial launch was “off track… not off track”.

“This license heralds a new opportunity for healthcare in Canada, bringing the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery to more patients by addressing the historic costs and barriers to use that have stifled the adoption of robotic surgery for two decades,” said Megan Rosengarten, president of surgical robotics, which is part of the medical-surgical portfolio at Medtronic. “We are starting to see what the Hugo RAS System can do in the hands of clinicians in Latin America and Asia Pacific, and we are excited to see the opportunities it creates in Canada.”

A modular, multi-quadrant platform indicated for urological surgical procedures and gynecologic laparoscopic surgical procedures, the Hugo RAS System combines wrist instruments, 3D visualization and a cloud-based surgical video recording option in Touch Surgery™ Enterprise with dedicated support teams specializing in robotics program optimization, service and training.

“Minimally invasive technology plays a role in reducing surgery backlog in Canada. It can help optimize our precious healthcare human resources when patients spend less time in and out of hospital,” said Neil Fraser, president of Medtronic Canada . “Today in Canada, alone [1% to 2%] of operations are performed with robotic assistance. I’m proud that the launch of the Hugo system means we can help change that and, most importantly, improve the patient and caregiver experience. Our first step will be to work with hospital partners to identify the best candidates for RAS based on patient outcomes and cost.”

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