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Microsoft rolls out Dark Mode Notepad for Windows 11 Insiders

Microsoft is testing a redesign of its venerable Notepad app, adding some welcome modern features like dark mode, better search/find and replace interface, better undo, and more.

While the visual updates like the addition of dark mode, the updated right-click menu, and Windows’ new theme-adaptive stuff are nice, the functional updates will probably be the biggest upgrade for anyone who actually writes in Notepad. In the current version of the app that comes with Windows 11, the text search tool and the find and replace tool are two different popup windows that can be accessed via two different keyboard shortcuts. The redesign combines them into one floating bar instead of something that looks like it’s from the XP era.

Microsoft rolls out Dark Mode Notepad for Windows 11 Insiders

Find and Replace still has some quirks in the example (like no auto-packing), but it’s definitely a more modern experience.

Microsoft also says it adds multi-step undo, which replaces the old version’s undo system, which only allows you to go back one step. It still doesn’t work like you’d expect from a modern app, where you can press Ctrl-Z to delete one word at a time, but it clearly has more memory than the old version of Notepad.

Microsoft rolls out Dark Mode Notepad for Windows 11 Insiders

Notepad’s new undo system is an improvement, but it’s hard to call it modern.

Another unfortunate aspect of the preview is that Word Wrap is still disabled by default. However, it has a new home in the View menu – and with the Font button going to the Edit dropdown, the old Notepad’s “Format” menu is no more.

It seems that Microsoft is focused on smaller updates to make Notepad feel less like a relic, rather than cramming it full of new features and turning it into an entirely different app. That seems like the right move to me, given the existence of Notepads’ perhaps lesser-known sibling WordPad, which is closer to Microsoft Word than a plain text editor. (WordPad also lets you view and edit .docx files, unlike even the new version of NotePad.)

Notepad redesign should be available to Windows 11 Insiders using the Dev channel. If you are using the test version of the operating system and do not see it, you can search the Microsoft Store for an update. Everyone else will probably have to wait a bit to get it, but it’s nice to see Microsoft continuing the trend of updating some of its built-in apps like Notepad, Photos and Paint, in addition to its bigger products like Office and, of course , Windows.

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