Floyd Mayweather’s Wife

Why did Floyd Mayweather’s Wife get locked up?

Mayweather has a long history of domestic violence, and violence against women.

To be fair to Floyd, he was raised around violence, towards men and women both. To understand why Floyd is what he is, you need to look at his past.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. found himself at the business end of a gun the first time when Floyd was not quite two years old.

According to Rolling Stone, at the other end of the gun, holding it, was Tony Sinclair who was the brother of Floyd’s mother, Deborah. Tony Sinclair was his given name, “Baboon” his street name, and reputedly, according to Rolling Stone, a business associate of the toddler’s father “Big” Floyd, a fighter, and small-time drug dealer.

Floyd Sr. had grabbed Sinclair by the throat at a local roller rink and Baboon had fled ingloriously. But “Big” Floyd found his triumph fleeting when Sinclair braced him inside his house with a 20-gauge friend intending to kill him. Floyd Sr. had nothing to protect him but Floyd Junior, who his father held by the ankles in front of him as the world’s smallest human shield.

Floyd Sr. explained what happened next to the Los Angeles Times:

“If you’re going to kill me, you’re going to kill the baby, too,” Mayweather Sr. said he told Sinclair. “[Floyd Jr.’s] mother said, ‘Give me the baby.’ She was pulling the baby out of my arms so her brother could shoot me.

“But I wasn’t going to put that baby down. I didn’t want to die. It wasn’t about putting my son in the line of fire. I knew [Sinclair] wouldn’t shoot the baby. So he took the gun off my face, lowered it to my leg and bam!”

The buckshot completely destroyed Floyd Sr.’s leg, taking off most of his left calf. The shooting essentially ended his boxing career, limiting his movement and forcing a complete alteration of his carefully honed tactics. Once a contender, Floyd Senior found himself little more than a journeyman. He continued fighting until 1985, but life, always hard, became much harder.

Floyd Senior, who had once hoped to be world champion, now rested all his hopes in his small son, the human shield, who he began to train relentlessly.

Floyd Sr. was a harsh trainer to his son, using beatings with his lessons if he thought it would help get his point across.

“My father would beat me for anything I did, even if I hadn’t done anything,” Floyd told The Guardian. “I used to pray for the day I could become an adult and get away from it. I got tired of getting beat.”

Nor were the battles between Floyd’s mother and father non-violent.

How do guys like Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown continue to have millions of fans and career success despite the fact they are wife abusing dirtbags?

Pick a industry.

Now look at the people in the top 5% of that industry.

I bet you’ll find a similar trend.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking R. Kelly, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Elon Musk or Steve Jobs.

Excelling to the very top often involves a lot of selfish activities.

The late hours, never being home, ignoring family and friends, pushing employees to insane levels… and then sometimes firing them, being concerned about the the business above anything and sometimes, anyone else.

It should be of no surprise that natural ass holes will often be better at this then anyone else.

I’m not saying that all CEO’s, top athletes or entertainers and inventors behave this way. But many of them do.

But if you’re only looking at Chris Brown and Mayweather then you’ve barely scratched the surface.

Do you believe Floyd Mayweather a cheater?

There are some serious issues about the fight with Manny as VADA did it’s testing and caught Floyd hooked up to a machine getting iv vitamins pumped in which a lot of experts say is to cover up peds and is also against the rules but the public waited so long for the fight and so much money was on the line. The two boxers alone brought home around 500 million. It was a billion dollar event. So did Floyd cheat. 100% to the rules but got a pass.

Who is probably in deep trouble with Floyd Mayweather’s Wife right now?

Conor McGregor is going through an all too familiar early life crisis right now.

For the unfamiliar – he is the wealthiest MMA fighter of all time. He won the UFC titles with unprecedented trash talk (marketing) and paydays.

He solidified his fortune, earning nearly 100 million dollars in a well known boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Between that early windfall of money and losing his UFC title to Khabib Nurmagomedov, things began spiralling out of control quickly.

A string of arrests for breaking a man’s phone, throwing a chair at a bus window, and recently, punching an elderly man at a bar. Conor has seen himself frequently on the receiving end of bad headlines.

But – things have gotten particularly more complicated as of recently.

Conor has a partner, Dee Devlin, of many years who has stood by his side prior to him getting famous.

And with him through his chaotic behavior.

But things are getting tricky for Conor. He’s an attractive, talented athlete, who women have flocked to for years.

A woman has surfaced:

She had a child last year and claims that Conor is the father. It’s been messy. She has been releasing private conversations between them.

And is requesting him to take a DNA test.

The thing that makes it look extra damning though? Besides the fact that he is doing everything he can to dodge that DNA test?

Look at Conor and his son (with Dee Devlin), Conor Jr.

And now,

Look at the woman(mother) below who claims he is the father of the child she had last year. A little baby girl.

How does FFloyd Mayweather’s Wife spend his money?

On private jets… on cars… on houses… on clothes… on women… on food… on his many children… on his buds… on jewelry… on property… on sports events… on investment advice from Warren Buffett… on gambling… on his lifestyle… on Vegas night life and shows like Lady Gaga and Absinthe.

By that time Floyd’s just getting warmed up.

What does FFloyd Mayweather’s Wife do with all his money?

Most Ridiculous Ways Floyd Mayweather Spent his Money….

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is one in all the wealthiest athletes within the world. The “Money” in Floyd “Money” isn’t simply an original very little joke—it virtually stands for the piles and piles of cash he rakes in annually.

Mayweather is just like the Yankees or Lakers—he essentially prints the things himself.

Considering he recently screw-topped the Forbes list of “The World’s a hundred Highest-Paid Athletes” with associate annual financial gain of $85 million—zero of that was attained through endorsements—it’s truthful to mention he includes a very little money to burn.

And Mayweather is not only lighting cigars with burning $100 bills, we’re talking a few large fire that burns evermore. Well, perhaps not evermore, however a minimum of till he goes skint in a few decade.

He’s invariably finding improbably ridiculous ways that to burn through his earnings. Here square measure a number of the foremost ridiculous ways that Floyd cash has spent his…money.

Floyd Money has a well known gambling habit. Although he only brags about his big wins, when you’re playing $100,000 hands of blackjack, it’s very unlikely that Mayweather ultimately turns a profit off his favorite hobby.

According to this post on Mayweather’s Instagram account, the watches you’re viewing (8 Audermar Piguets, 8 Rolexes, 2 Aximums, three Franck Mullers, one Hublot explosion King, one Rainbow Tourbillion, one psychologist Galaxy) area unit value upward of $6.4 million.

Mayweather says “It’s all concerning having selections,” and boy will he have plenty of selections. The twenty four watches in this case area unit just a few of his assortment. He has a minimum of one, and possibly many, additional cases stuffed with them.

Is Floyd Mayweather’s Wife happy?

Happy in what sense?

It seems he feels good about what he has and what he has accomplished. I know he loves that some people love him. And, I definitely understand that he understands the tremendous value of being hated (trust me, it’s insane). It adds incredible monetary value to his earnings.

I know he believes he can get a billion dollars guaranteed to return — the force [of hate] is strong, especially in the climate change of Trump.

To the question — seemingly Floyd is as “happy” as one can be given where he is on the planet. I don’t think you can put anyone who looks like Floyd and who has Floyd’s history in some Disney-like concept of “happy.” Even if he lives that kind of “happiness,” he’d never show it to you. I don’t blame him.

What are some things we could learn from Floyd Mayweather in our lives?

How to promote yourself better than almost any boxer. There are only a few boxers who have taken complete control of the promotion etc and set it up to record breaking purses. Become a household name for both his inside and outside of the ring activities.

Money Mayweather way out did the Bob Arum controlled Manny Pacquiao.

So the only attraction here is how can this fight be sold to the real fan?