Pop Smoke Death

Pop Smoke Death

Pop smoke, famous rapper and songwriter, died on February 19, 2020 by masked Gunman. He was shot dead by a masked gunman apparently in a home robbery. . He was signed to Victor Victor Worldwide and Republic Records.

Who killed rapper Pop Smoke?

Rumors say it was an inside job. One of the members of his circle. It was a home invasion that was very planned. The home alarms were disabled, POP Smoke had no security. It all points towards an inside job. Til this day, no one knows who murdered the young rapper.

How old was Pop Smoke when he died?

I never heard of him him and had to look him up to find out his age..its easy to do… I just google his name and found out his name and his age.. why don’t you do the same..it is a simple thing to do…learn something new

What do you think of the rapper Pop Smoke?

I’m more of a fan of traditional MC’s like: Nas, Biggie, Jay, Eminem, Pac etc. But right before Pop Smoke died I discovered his music and was very impressed. He’s certainly not the best rapper and his music is definitely new age hip-hop/trap type, but if you’re into that at all he stands out due to his exceptional production (beats) and his unique voice. He’s bumping.

How did Pop Smoke choose his name?

In a Genius interview, he stated that his artist name of Pop Smoke is a combination of Poppa (a nickname given to him by his Panamanian grandmother) and Smoke (a nickname given to him by childhood friends).