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These 54 Mac Apps Are Up To 90% Off, Unlock The Deals For $3

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Mac apps, including PDF editors, network utilities, and video downloaders, are discounted up to 90% through the Bundlehunt Big Holiday macOS bundle.

For a limited time, Bundlehunt offers 54 Mac apps – all ready for macOS Monterey – at a special “unlock price”. Pay a $3 unlock fee, and then each of the apps will be made available to purchase at extremely low prices.

With 54 apps available, there’s sure to be something for everyone – and unlike other bundles, you only buy what you want. You pick and choose your favorites, you don’t have to install many apps you don’t need to get the one you do.

  • PDF Squeezer, was $9.99, now $3
  • Duplicate Finder, used to be $29.99, now $3
  • Pulltube, used to be $14.99, now $4
  • PDF Converter, used to be $59.99, now $5

“We’ve changed everything to give you complete control over what you pay for, the amount of Mac software you choose with unbeatable app prices, starting at $1.50 per app,” the company says. “Unlock the bundle to access huge discounts for your dream apps starting at $1.50.”

There is no minimum or maximum number of apps you can get for the discounted prices of the bundle. You can buy 1 or all 54 – and if applicable you can “add multiple license keys (max. 3 keys) for any app you want.”

This bundle has an extra. You can “earn $1 for every $10 you spend.” So if you buy over $10 worth of apps, you can redeem your earnings for an even bigger discount at checkout.

The only downside is that prices can’t stay that low for long. Check out the Big Holiday macOS bundle today.

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