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What will 2022 bring for Medtech?

For our look at medtech in 2022, we gathered some insights from medical devices and healthcare. Read on for 2021 perspectives and 2022 expectations, and don’t hesitate to provide your own perspectives in the comments.

We start our review with a bit of optimism:

“While our healthcare system faces incredible challenges, I think it’s always important to stop and look around and see how amazing everything is,” said Justin Barad, MD, CEO and co-founder of Osso VR. “We are witnessing miracles almost daily with the types of technologies we have access to, the incredible people who are behind them, whether they are suppliers or in the industry, and the innovations that are coming. I think the most important thing for us is to What we continue to do is to bring a sense of positivity and excitement to this space and mutual support, both between industry and healthcare facilities, to fight burnout and maintain morale in those who care for us and those who provide resources to do this. I am and remain incredibly optimistic about our future in healthcare!”

On to a healthy and productive 2022!

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