Young Thug in Dress

Young Thug in Dress



Why is Young Thug popular?

This really has me furious. I honestly don’t understand how people find his songs good in any way. I mean, are my ears friggin broken? Or have I grown out of touch at the ripe old age of 26?? Can you people honestly listen to songs like “Lifestyle” and “Picacho” and be like “this is some dope shit”? I mean, my ears can’t be broken, because I do listen to a lot of other mainstream radio music and I still find 90% of it to be passable, if a bit bland.

I mean I guess you could consider it catchy in the same way that Joseph Stalin was a celebrity and Boko Haram is a non-profit organization. And even then, it’s not that catchy. His production team is passable, I guess, but they haven’t made anything particularly memorable. And his voice. Listening to his voice is like nails on chalkboard. Sure, it’s unique, but it’s also not pleasant.

Why is Young Thug considered a good hip-hop artist?

His voice- He has crazy voice fluctuation and control; I would not be surprised if he had 5–6 octaves. The way he uses his voice as an instrument is very entertaining and intriguing.

His flow- He has an arsenal of different flows that are original to him: in the age of triplets and migos flow, he brings his own flow to each and every song. He rides the beat like nobody I’ve ever heard, finding pockets in between snares, he’s very unorthodox, almost avant garde.

His creativity/originality/influence- from his clothes, to his beat selection, to the flows to the actual words he decides to use: young thug is completely original and continues to evolve past our current interpretation of him. He is a trend setter in fashion, slang and of course music: he has ‘put on’ and helped develop upcoming artist such as Gunna and Lil Baby who are basically Young Thug 0.25. His videos are also amazing.

Why do people hate on Young Thug?

Totally agree with Mike. One thing I’d add is that “lyrical purists” types don’t like him because you can’t really hear the lyrics and the lyrics aren’t deep or anything. Ya know, the type of people that say “Real Rap SHOULD be about the lyrics” or something stupid like that.

Is Young Thug a genius?

I don’t know Young Thug.

But, I can guess he is Genius—if he’s a thug he’s likely good at it otherwise he wouldn’t have the label Young Thug, unless he just calls himself Young Thug and it has nothing to do with him being a thug.

I visualize him being great at what he’s doing.

Thank you Jorge Luis Rocha for your question

Is young thug any good?



Why has Young Thug been called a “rap weirdo”?

Because most people have their own idea of what rap/hip-hop is (or should be). When artists don’t fall into a category they tend to be called “weird” or “bad”. Music is music. Another way to look at it would be that him being a “rap weirdo” is a positive.

Why do rappers dress so bizarre now?

You see this guy?

This is Kendrick Lamar Duckworth. He goes by the stage name Kendrick Lamar. He is probably the 2nd biggest rapper on Earth. He doesn’t fit the description you just gave. His lyrics revolve around his ambivalence with his less-then-favorable upbringing, religion, socio-politics and braggadocio.

You see this guy?

This is Jermaine Cole. He goes by the stage name J. Cole. He is probably the third biggest rapper on Earth. He doesn’t fit the description you gave. His lyrics largely revolve around personal struggles, socio-politics, and ambivalence with fame.

You see this guy?

This is Kanye Omari West. He goes by the stage name Kanye West. He might be the most influential rapper with a pulse. He doesn’t fit the description you gave. His lyrics revolve around personal struggles, braggadocio, and excess.

SOME rappers look like this:

SOME rappers look like this:

SOME rappers say things like:

And all these niggas play like they tough
‘Til a nigga get killed
‘Til a nigga get spilled, ’til your blood get spilled

SOME rappers say things like:

Can’t change the world unless we change ourselves
Die from the sicknesses if we don’t seek the health
All eyes be my witness when I speak what’s felt
Full house on my hands, the cards I was dealt

SOME rappers dress like this:

Young Thug in Dress

Do others judge you for how you dress, and if so, why?

f you’re asking whether they judge me, I assume that some do. I’m cheap, lazy and uninterested when it comes to clothes, so I dress in ways that minimize cost, time, and effort. I’ve never been told to my face that I’m doing it wrong, but I’ve heard second- or third-hand criticism. As far as I can tell, my cheap, drab style has not had a negative impact on any aspect of my life.


Because people judge, rate and compare just about everything. Those who are interested in clothes have opinions about the clothes choices others make.

Young Thug in Dress

Yes ofcourse the way we dress matters! And let me tell you the way you dress is the first thing people notice about you, you give your first impression by way of dressing. It happens with all of us that we judge a person by the way he or she dresses. By way of dressing one figures out what our lifestyles are and how do we simply live. It gives them a view of our personality.

What is the best style of dress of Young Thug in Dress?

Model in a slim suit

At PromSquad, we appreciate not all of us have the budget or tailor of an A-list designer or actor, who can design slim dress suits , which is why we’ve pulled together a guide to wearing suits with 10 essential rules so that the rest of you slim guys can achieve the same level of style and chic with your suit styles.

1) Slim Suit fit facts

It’s essential you get advice when trying on your suit – and a proper fitting is preferable. We’d also recommend you go for a thicker materials that will do their bit in adding weight to your slim frame. Our favourite fabrics are the heavier wools or a tweed.

2) Avoid oversized suits

Never wear anything too big as it will only make you look swamped and slimmer than you actually are.

3) Colour me happy

When considering your suit’s colour pallette, the slim frame should always go for lighter colours, such as grey and blue. Black and darker blue shades will have a slimming effect. Choose lights greys or even a light blue hue and it will add the perception of weight to your frame.

4) Avoid pinstripes on a slim suit

You’ll notice a lot of larger frames (and larger businessmen in particular) wearing pinstripe suits. There’s a very good reason for this. Pinstripes are a great optical illusion, making bigger people look thinner. However, when skinny guys wear pinstripe suit trousers, you appear even slimmer. Not good.

5) No pleats on a slim suit

A top tip for skinny men is to only wear flat-front suit trousers. The puckers from pleats can lead to strange bulges when you sit down and can accentuate the bones in your knees.

6) Go for straight-leg trousers

To look well proportioned, wear a straight-leg cut of suit trousers. Skinny suit trousers will simply accentuate the slimness of your legs.

7) Jackets should hit you at the hip

When trying on suit jackets, make sure they stop at your hip. Anything longer will make you look like your body is extra long and your legs are extra slim. Anything shorter will have the opposite effect, making your body appear short and a bit like you’ve grown out of your school blazer.

8) Don’t fear the shoulder pad

Shoulder pads aren’t just for 80s power dresses. They can actually help slim men look stylish in their slim fit suits. Small shoulder pads can actually balance out your narrow frame, adding a small amount of padding so that your narrow/slim shoulders aren’t emphasized. This is a careful balancing act, though. ALWAYS avoid shoulder pads that are too big. They’ll just make you look out of proportion.

9) Brace yourself

If you’re wearing traditional suit trousers with belt loops, avoid wearing a belt that is too big or long. If you have to wrap it around you twice, it will only highlight your slim waist. A good tip for slim guys is to go for braces. This avoids the belt conundrum and has a better sense of style.

10) Skinny ties work

Guys with a slimmer frame can sometimes look a little swamped by a regular tie, with the tie covering the bulk of their exposed shirt and often looking like a bib. If you opt for a skinny tie or bow tie instead, it will flatter your shape and ensure you look wider in all the right places.

Now we’ve shared our essential suit styles advice for slim guys, you have all the knowledge you need about men’s slim suits to channel your inner Gosling. And we all know who he’s going out with…

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